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Me – Storyteller & Digital Marketer

My name is Christoph, and I work as a Digital Consultant at Farner in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am a builder. I build sentences, paragraphs, stories, and integrated concepts for effective communication. In short: I am a storyteller & digital marketer. And I am interested in media, music and the midfield.

Also, I like helping others — David Blum with writing his inspiring weekly newsletter, the journalists of Coup magazine with using Social Media, and my mama with raking leaves (I don't like the latter, but I still do it every now and again).

You – Curious & Friendly

Write me, if you believe I could help you, if you're curious, or simply to say hello.


2018. Head of Storytelling/Senior Digital Consultant. Farner Consulting.

2014. Digital Consultant. Farner Consulting.

2011. PR Consultant. Republica.

2008. Media Attaché. Swiss Olympic Association.

2006. Trainee. Swiss Olympic Association.

2004. Freelance Journalist. Solothurner Zeitung.