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Learn more about Christoph Emch – a communication professional with years of experience in digital marketing, campaigning, and a focus on copywriting. 

The truth about Content Marketing: No-one wants content.

Everyone wants inspiration, help, guidance, information, review, opinions.

When you are trying to find the best running shoe to finally follow up on your New Year’s resolution and go running, you don’t want a brand telling you, they’re the best. You want to know, why they are and how they manage to make the best running shoe. You compare, you try on, you ask your friends, you check prices, you read reviews. Content Marketing accompanies you along this journey. So you can get the best running shoe for you.

This is exactly why I am so passionate about Content Marketing – because it’s never an end in itself. It is always about helping people make decisions.

Content Marketing is neither just content, nor just marketing

My name is Christoph, and I am Head of Content Marketing at Farner in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am a builder. I build sentences, paragraphs, stories, and strategies that make people see, think do and care. I craft content that makes a change. If you’d rather not talk to me about that, I am also interested in literature, music and football (the one that’s actually played with feet).

«We need to craft content that makes people see, think do and care.»
— Me, trying

Also, I like helping others — David Blum with writing his inspiring weekly newsletter, the journalists of Coup magazine with using Social Media, and my mama with raking leaves (I don't like the latter, but I still do it every now and again).

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2018. Head of Content Marketing/Senior Digital Consultant. Farner.

2014. Digital Consultant. Farner.

2011. PR Consultant. Republica.

2008. Media Attaché. Swiss Olympic Association.

2006. Trainee. Swiss Olympic Association.

2004. Freelance Journalist. Solothurner Zeitung.

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